About Us

Training for the Complete Athlete

At Bogdan Sklz, we are dedicated to forging not just better athletes, but well-rounded individuals. Our unique training approach is designed for those who aim to become the best versions of themselves—both physically and mentally.

Mental Coaching and Personal Development

Understanding that physical prowess alone does not make a champion, our programs extensively cover:

Mental Resilience: Training to build psychological endurance that helps athletes overcome challenges and perform under pressure.

Confidence Building: Techniques to boost self-assurance, ensuring athletes trust in their capabilities during critical moments.

Leadership Skills: Developing qualities that help athletes lead by example, both in and out of the sports arena.

Social Skills for Extroverts: Encouraging athletes to express themselves freely and confidently in social settings, turning them into extroverts who thrive in team environments.

Commitment to Excellence

Our mission is to guide athletes through their transformation into leaders, equipped not only with athletic skills but also with the confidence and mental toughness needed for success in all areas of life.

Soccer player Bogdan Milvanovic holding a trophy for a National Champion won with BSSCollege in Syracuse

Bogdan Milovanovic

Head Trainer & Founder, Bogdan Sklz

⚽  Nationality: Serbian

Bogdan Milovanovic brings a wealth of experience to his role as a youth soccer coach, having spent numerous years guiding young athletes towards excellence. Leading Bogdan Sklz, his training philosophy merges rigorous physical development with a strong emphasis on mental strength and leadership qualities.

⚽  Educational and Coaching Credentials:

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Master’s in Information Technology

UEFA C Coaching License

⚽ Key Achievements: 

National Champion coach with BSS College, Syracuse, NY 2022 NYSWYSA Boys Recreational Coach of the Year

Bogdan's expertise in technical training, ball mastery, and speed helps young athletes achieve peak performance levels. His programs are designed to build not only athletic skills but also confidence, resilience, and effective leadership traits. Through his dedicated coaching, Bogdan aims to shape athletes who are prepared to tackle both competitive sports and life's challenges with equal prowess.

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