Professional Soccer Coaching

Soccer skills development has never been easier.

Coach Milan, Head Trainer

Coach Connor

Head Trainer


⚽ Bachelor's degree in Business

⚽ Expert in youth development, focusing on high-performance training.

⚽  Extensive experience coaching at various levels, including leading roles in high-level academies in Glasgow.

⚽ Prioritizes skill development, strategic thinking, and instilling a strong sense of sportsmanship.

⚽ Renowned for his comprehensive approach to training, blending business acumen with sports management to enhance player performance and team dynamics.

Coach Milan, Head Trainer

Coach Stieve

Head Trainer

Pioneering Bogdan SKLZ Client: 

Holds the special distinction of being Bogdan SKLZ’s first client, sticking with us through the years.

⚽ Scholarship Earner: Utilizing skills honed here, secured considerable scholarship to attend Wells College.

⚽ Dedicated to Learning: Constantly seeks to enhance both his and others' understanding and application of soccer skills.

⚽ Embodies Respect: A true example of politeness and courtesy on and off the field.

Coach Milan, Head Trainer

Coach Milan

Head Trainer

Nationality: Serbian

Played Professionally in Serbia

⚽  National Champion  with BSS College in Syracuse, NY

⚽ Bachelors in business and Administration

⚽ Masters in information and Technology

⚽ 15+ years playing and coaching on professional level

Coach Milan, Head Trainer

Coach Buba

Trainer /Goal Keeper


Played Professionally in Gambia

⚽ Gambia National Team goal keeper

⚽ Bachelors in Business and Administration

⚽  National Champion  with BSSCollege in Syracuse, NY

⚽ Over5 years of experience in Goalkeeping

Coach Milan, Head Trainer

Coach Rudy

Goalkeeping Coach

⚽ Origin: Argentinean

⚽ Experience: Over 30 years in goalkeeping
⚽ Qualification: UEFA A coaching license, specializing in goalkeeping
⚽ Background: Extensive experience as an academy coach for youth players
⚽ Coaching Style: Focus on skill development, angles, cuts, punts, and more
⚽ Mentorship: Recognized as a great mentor and coach, fostering a positive and encouraging environment
⚽ Contribution: Bringing dynamic coaching style and valuable insights to our goalie training sessions